On the crest of a wave

Life is just plain sailing at Payne Hicks Beach. The head of the dispute resolution team Richard Butcher is known as a specialist in a broad range of litigation work, including contract disputes, intellectual property, inheritance, employment, construction blah blah de blah. He is also, it transpires, five-times British National and one-time World Dinghy Sailing Champion.

The former Torquay Boys Grammar School student clearly got a love of the water when he was growing up in Southampton. Cannily,
he’s now putting his skills to good use. Not only is Butcher lawyer to
round-the-world sailor Ellen MacArthur, he’s also acting for roughly half of Britain’s Olympic sailing team, including gold medallist Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy and Shirley Robertson.

Tulkinghorn could have printed a pic of the medal hopes, but we thought you’d prefer the 1970s pic of Butcher splicing the mainbrace.