Canary Wharf gains new legal tenant with Adams

East London law firm Adams is opening a third office in Canary Wharf in a bid to reposition itself as a boutique corporate and finance practice.

The new office, which will be located on the 29th floor of One Canada Square, will open on 1 September with an estimated 18 staff, including five new trainees, specialising in corporate, finance and property matter.

The opening follows a change in the firm’s strategy 12 months ago, when it decided to refocus the firm away from being a traditional high street practice into a boutique corporate, finance and property firm.

The office will be managed by banking and finance partner Sean Sydenham, who will move from the firm’s headquarters in Whitechapel, East London, along with the firm’s property team.

The firm’s third office, which is located in Walthamstow, will remain focused on the firm’s historical market of high street legal advice, such as conveyancing and family law.