Berwin Leighton web expert joins panel

Berwin Leighton partner Quentin Solt has been selected to sit on the panel of experts for First Tuesday, the networking club for internet entrepreneurs and funders.

Corporate partner Solt says the firm is picking up business on the back of its involvement.

“Where there are appropriate start-up companies we are prepared to work on a flexible fee arrangement with them, and there are a number that we have collected on that basis,” he says.

Solt is part of a panel that matches venture capitalists with e-commerce businesses.

He says: “We invited entrepreneurs on the First Tuesday network to submit business plans, and we received nearly 500.

“We are compiling a list of venture capitalists and funders who are interested in this end of the market.”

He adds: “In addition to the funders we invited to take part, which were almost 200, we had another 90 approach us.” The panel then matches the venture capitalists with the kind of web businesses they are looking for.

Solt believes Berwin Leighton was chosen, instead of what he calls “traditional technology firms”, because the firm can advise on the corporate side of IT deals.

He says that the firm is not actively looking for equity – which is a growing trend for firms with internet company clients – but he adds that given appropriate circumstances Berwin Leighton will accept it.