Lawyer ‘does a Yosser’

The launch of The Lawyer‘s daily news service last year has, of course, been a phenomenal success, keeping the market up to date with the key stories of the moment.

But what wasn’t appreciated when it was launched was how far-reaching it would prove to be.

Take the 29 March offering, for example. This revealed details about the split of the Home Office into two, with the justice functions amalgamated with the Department for Constitutional Affairs, a move that “gives the current Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs an even bigger toybox than usual”.

As the report added: “We’re meeting Falconer in the morning and he has promised to tell us all about it.”

Which prompted the following response from one anonymous lawyer: “Can you ask Charlie if the new ministry is funded out of the restriction in legal aid and the consequential closure of firms that can no longer survive, and if this is true, can I have a job?”