Where’s the party?

The list of difficulties faced by English law firms trying to get a foothold in foreign markets just got a little bit longer, thanks to Allen & Overy’s attempt to bolster its standing in Germany.

A while back, the law firm organised a star-studded bash to ­inaugurate all the shiny computers and desks in its new office space in the beer-loving republic. The offices are in a swanky part of town – perhaps too swanky.

Tulkinghorn understands that the guests failed to turn up because the office is next to a top-secret German military base and does not show up on the trusty old sat-nav.

The location was so secret, and the guests so reliant on computer navigation, that even the party could not put Allen & Overy on the map.

The best laid plans of mice and magic circle firms do oft go awry, especially in Europe it seems.