See ya later, Navigator

Times have changed since Tulkinghorn was first admitted to the roll, and he is often flummoxed about the best way to negotiate the savage jungle that is the legal world.

So imagine the relief he felt when he learnt that Manchester’s George Davies Solicitors has launched the ‘GDNavigator’ – “to help businesses not only plan to prevent potential problems but also to make the most of opportunities”.

When questions such as, “I need investment or working capital but my bank is reluctant to help”, are programmed into the almighty GDNavigator, the team of superheroes led by partner Paul Tyrer offers gems of advice such as: “Try another bank.”

While the question, “My customers aren’t paying – what can I do?” generates the answer: “The GDNavigator team can offer a ­variety of solutions…from traditional recovery…to looking at alternative methods of collection.”

Perhaps the North West firm is excited by the ­lucrative kneecap-removal business. It certainly is a hands-on experience with a client.