Camerons set for management revamp

Camerons set for management revampCMS Cameron McKenna has begun a review of its management structure and has appointed a new head of operations to manage support functions.

Tony Wright, former head of learning and development, takes over the role this month and will be responsible for marketing, IT, human resources and knowledge services.

Wright replaces former director of operations Keith Pearse, who left the firm earlier in the year, but will be given greater responsibility than his predecessor.

A source at the firm said new managing partner Duncan Weston (pictured) was keen to reshape the firm’s management structure having taken over as managing partner on 1 May, adding: “When you move into a new role, you bring the people you trust in around you.”

The firm is also voting on changes to the management structure as Weston seeks to shake-up Camerons’ leadership. It is understood that no decision has yet been reached on the details of the proposals.

Other changes include the appointment of Tom Kingsley as PR and communications head. Kingsley was formerly head of international business development.