A snake in the system

Last week, Tulkinghorn’s colleagues at Web Week attempted to navigate to the website of Shadbolt Law.

On inserting ‘Shadbolts’ into Google, Web Week was directed to the top hit, a detailed David ­Attenborough-esque description of the Colletts Snake – “one of Australia’s most attractive but rarest of snakes”.

The firm clearly failed to see the funny side as it promptly expurgated the information from the internet.

Tulkinghorn, on the other hand, fails to see the funny side of removing the information, which could potentially be of aid to the thousands every year who fall prey to dangerous Antipodean ­reptiles.

Those poisoned down under now have to revert to Google’s cache of ­Shadbolt Law’s site to find out about the stings of dangerous marine ­animals, 60-70 species of Australian ticks, the “shy” blue-bellied snake and many others.

Shadbolt Law has ­apologised and said that the original information was there due to an error by its web company and was not “an intentional foray into the realms of Australian wildlife”.