One of Tulkinghorn’s scribes unwittingly found herself being interviewed for a job at Lovells the other day, despite the fact that she has absolutely no plans to leave The Lawyer.
Upon arriving at Lovells’ reception to interview one of the firm’s partners, the scribe was instantly ushered into a meeting room by a man she didn’t know from Adam. He was accompanied by a person who appeared to be a recruitment consultant.
Assuming the partner had decided to bring along some extra people, the hack followed them into the room.
She then listened to their explanations of Lovells’ current recruitment policy for several long minutes.
After a while the intrepid hack suggested that everyone swap business cards. The ruse was purely an excuse to find out who these people were, why they kept calling her Helen, and to let them see for themselves that this was not her name at all.
The penny dropped. As the hack was quickly bustled back into reception, she found her actual interviewee waiting in the wings.
There was also a very irate, suited and booted candidate tutting loudly as she stared at her watch.