Eversheds sets up lobby group on social chapter

Eversheds has recruited over 80 top UK companies and organisations to a new group it has formed to lobby the Government on elements of the EU's social chapter.

The Employers' Forum on Social Policy (EFSP), which was launched last month and will also serve as a marketing tool to attract new clients, was the brainchild of Eversheds' head of employment Elaine Aarons.

“A sign of the demand for such a group was the fact that we had 1,500 expressions of interest from an initial mailing suggesting the formation of the group,” said Aarons. “We now have employer members representing almost a quarter of a million employees.”

Members include the Post Office, Xerox, IBM, Lloyds TSB, HSBC and Tarmac.

A working party within the forum has been set up, chaired by Aarons, to look at the transfer of undertakings law, which she described as “a shambles”, as well as an EU proposal for compulsory national works councils for companies with more than 50 employees.

The working party will also be voicing its concerns about forthcoming EU directives on parental leave and working time regulations, and Labour's plans for mandatory trade union recognition.

Aarons said the new group would also be acting as an information-sharing forum for human resource professionals and meetings would be held in the firm's various offices around the country.