CPS faces double race claim from prosecutors

CLAIMS of racial discrimination have been lodged against the Crown Prosecution Service by two CPS prosecutors.

Neeta Amin, represented by solicitor David Gibson of Russell Jones & Walker, is taking a case against her employers, alleging victimisation contrary to the Race Discrimination and Sex Discrimination Acts when she worked at Camberwell CPS.

Her partly-heard case at London South Industrial Tribunal has been adjourned until 30 March.

Amin, now working at the Tower Bridge office of the CPS, is being funded by the FDA – the union for senior civil servants.

The other CPS prosecutor, Maria Bamieh, whose case is being backed by the Commission for Racial Equality, is now awaiting a hearing date after an interlocutory hearing at London South Industrial Tribunal.

Bamieh, a senior crown prosecutor for seven years, based at Wood Green, Haringay, in London, alleges that the CPS discriminated by failing to promote her to the post of principal crown prosecutor, and sought to transfer her to another office, an alleged breach of her contract.