Firm profile: sas daniels

Managing partner:

Nigel Haddan
Turnover: £5.8m
Total number of partners: 19
Total number of lawyers: 56
Main practice areas: Probate, family and employment
Key clients: Hilton Hotel Group, Gladman Group, Asda
Number of offices: Four Main office: Greek Street, Stockport

SAS Lawyers and Daniels Solicitors merged in June last year to create Cheshire’s largest law firm, SAS Daniels. A little more than a year since the merger, managing partner Nigel Haddan says another combination could be on the cards.

“As the product of a merger we’re not scared of the idea of merging again,” he says. “We want to expand into West Cheshire, Crewe and Nantwich, and we want to do this through a merger.”

As yet the firm has not identified a merger partner, but Haddan says a list of potential targets has been drawn up.

Haddan is currently working on a new partnership model as the 11 equity partners that came from either side of the merger entered the top of the new firm’s lockstep. Due to the need for expansion, he is planning to reveal the new model over the next six to nine months.

The firm currently has offices in the south, east and central regions of Cheshire.Having positioned itself as what Haddan calls “the only firm in Cheshire”, SAS Daniels feels that its only real competitors are based in city-centre locations such as Manchester and Liverpool.

Another firm Hadden sees as serious competition is Chester-based Walker Smith Way, but he admits that the firm does not yet gain a huge amount of work from Chester. “We don’t have a presence in Chester yet, so it would only be expected that we don’t get much work in that area,” explains Haddan.

Currently SAS Daniels’ practice hinges mainly on probate, family and employment. Its probate team is the firm’s largest, with the practice’s 12 lawyers expected to bring in £1.4m in revenue during the current financial year. That translates to 22 per cent of the projected top line, which this year stands at £6.4m.

The eight-lawyer family team and six-lawyer employment unit are expected to generate £1.1m and £1m, or 17 per cent and 15 per cent of fees respectively this year.

The commercial property practice, which has five lawyers, remains Haddan’s work in progress.

“We have had more work in commercial property since the merger,” says Haddan. “We’re definitely looking to make some lateral hires into this unit, but we can reach our strategic goals faster through mergers.”