Separated at birth

Tulkinghorn has noticed that Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has a new managing partner in the form of Peter Jeffcote. An admirable choice Tulkinghorn is sure, although he is slightly puzzled at the reason the firm gave for choosing him. The line was that Mr Jeffcote is a whizz at the old tax stuff and because of this could lead the firm towards LLP status. 'Stuff and nonsense,' says Tulkinghorn, who has ascertained Mr Jeffcote's real identity. He is none other that Henry Kelly, former star of daytime TV. And why would Freshfields employ Henry Kelly? Those of you who were off sick at anytime in the mid-1990s will surely remember the gameshow Going for Gold. This was the programme that attempted European integration before the euro was a twinkle in Wim Duisenberg's eye. Each contestant represented a different European state and the loveable little Irish man Kelly would throw general knowledge questions at them. What greater picture of European harmony could there be? So presumably, Freshfields has appointed Kelly to devise a Europe-wide competition to bring its far-flung offices closer together in the spirit of true partnership.
Unfortunately, Freshfields seems to have forgotten a couple of things. First, that Going for Gold used to get quite vicious at times, and second, even though all the quiz questions were in English, the English contestant invariably lost miserably to Hans, Claudette or Juan. This presumably is why the quiz disappeared from our screens without trace.