London set QEB forms alliance in Leeds

Baron and fellow tenant Andrew Moylan QC will become door tenants at 6 Park Square, while 6 Park Square's Eleanor Hamilton QC will become a door tenant at QEB.
Housing immigration, personal injury (PI), family and commercial practices, 49-tenant 6 Park Square is uniquely managed by a limited company, No.6.
Hamilton said: “We've had a long and fruitful association with QEB. I've worked with Florence Baron QC and QEB's former head of chambers Paul Coleridge, and we have recruited to No.6 Andrew Moylan's former pupil, Marisa Allman. Formalising the link with QEB seems the obvious and natural next step for us.”
Barristers from the two sets have practices in both Leeds and London, and the alliance will enable them to share each other's respective chambers.
Ivor Treherne, QEB's senior clerk, said: “The association will enable the two sets to offer a greater depth of specialist counsel. This initiative has already been welcomed by a number of leading law firms in Manchester and Leeds.”
QEB has 28 barristers and, although it has a family emphasis, it also specialises in commercial, PI, employment and EU law.