A red letter day

Is it just Tulkinghorn's suspicion, or are press releases becoming more and more spurious by the day? A release from national firm Hammond Suddards Edge proudly announced the completion of a deal on time and on budget. Well done to them. Not to worry anyone, but this is the only such boast sent out by the firm ever, so let's hope it's not a happy accident.
To be fair to the lovely people at Hammonds, the claim was, in fact, that after five years and £114m, the Millennium Point in Birmingham opened when it was supposed to “according to the project's legal advisers Hammond Suddards Edge”. Tulkinghorn just wasn't entirely sure what that meant. If this is to be a future trend, Tulkinghorn calls for releases outlining how the transaction wound up – three and a half years after it was supposed to because someone left page 34 in the photocopier, and vastly over budget because that fat partner spent all the money on crisps.