Dan Knight: LG

What is the most unusual Christmas present that you have received from a colleague? A pair of dark chocolate pants.

Name: Dan Knight

Firm: LG

Position: Head chef

Lives: Essex

What time do you start work each day? 7 am.

What’s the most boring thing you’ve been asked to do in your job?

Normally it would be peeling 30kg of potatoes or picking over a thousand broad beans.

How much time do you spend on Facebook each week?

I may look at it in the evening but don’t have time during the day.

What is the most unusual Christmas present that you have received from a colleague?

A pair of dark chocolate pants.

If you could introduce one law, what would it be and why?

Vegetarianism should be outlawed. Although most of the veggies I come across eat fish or white meat.

How did you spend your last bonus? (If you have never received a bonus, how would you hope to spend it in the future)?

If I did I would like to take my family on a snow boarding holiday as it is one of my passions.

What are the best perks of your role?

I get to eat lots of lovely food and try the occasional glass of wine!

Have you ever been asked to do anything at work that you suspect might have been illegal?

Luckily for me no.

What is the most irritating habit of any partner you’ve worked for?

Changing their entire menu at the 11th hour.

How do you unwind after the end of a hard week?

A large cheese board and a bottle of port.

Do you see your colleagues on weekends?

Not really, weekends are family time for me.

Have you ever fallen in love at work? (If so, please provide details).

Yes.  My wife and I started going out together when I worked in restaurants.  She was the sister of a colleague of mine.  I like to think it was love at first sight (well it was on my part).

If you were a lawyer what would your practice area be and why?

Criminal law because my late grandfather was a pathologist and all his cases and the stories behind them fascinated me.

What do you eat for lunch?

Normally just a sandwich or salad.  I have lunch on the move quite a lot.

Is your salary (in thousands) greater than your age?

Yes, it is.

What items do you always carry around with you at work?

My iPhone, my pass and my lucky pen.

Who do you have photos of on your desk?

My wife and my 10-month-old daughter.

Corney & Barrow or The Royal Exchange?

Neither, I prefer a local pub.

Soy Latte or Nescafe?

Neither. I am a little bit weird as I don’t drink any tea or coffee.

City break or weekend in the country?

City break.

Sum up your firm, chambers or employer in three words.

Demanding, fun, rewarding.