The writing’s on the wall

Law firm merchandise is popping up all over London. Following on from the spotting of an Eversheds pen in Tesco earlier this year, Tulkinghorn was intrigued to discover a similar model hailing from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC) in his local Sainsbury’s. Granted, this was no recent specimen, but an older RPC model decorated
with the firm’s name in elegant copperplate script – quite unlike the bold, modern logo of today.

The sighting made Tulkinghorn wonder what the future holds for law firm stationery. As BlackBerrys become the norm, are the days numbered for free pens, pencils and pads of paper generously laid out in meeting rooms across the City? Tulkinghorn hopes not. In journalists’ circles, the trusty Biro – coupled with a shorthand notebook – still holds sway. And law firms, as well as supermarkets, are good places to find the tools of the trade.