The seraph of Nottingham

When Tulkinghorn recently received a phone call from Dechert chief executive Sir Peter Duffell, he was expecting the bigwig to leak a hugely significant story about the firm. So no wonder Tulkinghorn was terribly amused when he realised that the purpose of Duffell’s call was not to tell all about Dechert, but to boast about the achievements of one of the firm’s London-based property support lawyers.

Last Monday (1 November) Emma Slessenger came second in the final of BBC Radio 4’s Brain of Britain quiz, and therefore proved herself to be the brainiest lawyer in the UK. It’s a title she well deserves after embarrassing her male competitors in the final by being the only one to know which team, before Arsenal, went through a league season unbeaten (Nottingham Forest). Shame on them.