Blackstone earns its Spurs

More football, and it’s over to Blackstone Chambers, the undisputed champions of the chambers seven-a-side footie tourno 2006. The event took place on the balmy summer’s evening of last Tuesday (2 May) and The Lawyer old boy turned Blackstone in-houser Mat Swallow was instrumental in the set’s victory.

“Okay,” admitted the bar’s answer to Gary Lineker, “so I actually lounged around at the back all night, but still woke up with a bad back, sore ankle and legs filled with lead.”

A veritable High Court of chambers turned out to play, including Fountain Court – led by senior clerk Mark Watson – Essex Court, Maitland and Serle Court.

Blackstone remained unbeaten (two wins, two draws) and beat last year’s winner Fountain Court, which came second.

At the trophy presentation (which featured a healthy sportsman’s feast of beer, sausages, drumsticks and sausage rolls) Serle Court clerk Nick Hockney made the well-observed point that Blackstone’s “ugly” style of football was closer to rugby than the beautiful game. Indeed, rugby is the game of choice for several of the set’s players.

“We were inspired by the mighty Spurs and the battle cry of our senior clerk and mentor Martin Smith, who warned us that, as we’re the sports law chambers, we’d better come back with the trophy – or else,” Blackstone captain Derek Sutton (pictured left) enthused.