Masons offers free advice

Construction specialist Masons is attempting to break into the dotcom culture by launching a website aimed at new media start-ups.

The venture,, will be run independently of Masons’ corporate site. It aims to provide legal advice for people who are sceptical of traditional law firms.

IT partner John Salmon explains: “People are worried that lawyers are going to charge them huge amounts of fees and we want to get away from that.”

The advice is currently free but the firm will introduce charges in three to six months.

Salmon adds: “Masons is a strong brand in construction but we have been looking to expand the e-commerce and new media side for some time.”

The site is operated solely by the firm, but Salmon has not ruled out getting other businesses on board. “We are certainly speaking to other people and if we think they will add value then we would be happy for them to get involved,” he says.