It’s been a good week for…

Vigilante bus drivers. In a week that saw one driver (in his bus) chase a motorist through the streets after he had been cut up by a car, Mark Coleman was told that he would not be prosecuted for chasing an 11-year-old boy (not in his bus) and then holding him after the boy and a group of eight youths hurled stones at Coleman’s bus.

Homeworkers and agency staff, who are to get new protections under the European Union’s part-time workers’ directive. Businesses have just eight weeks to prepare for the regulations covering wages, pensions, training and holiday entitlement.

Lawyers in LA, who are fighting over the rights to a disgusting slimy creature that devours all it sees. No, not a Hollywood producer, but The Blob, star of the 1958 cult drive-in movie hit and now the subject of a book in the Goosebumps suspense series. The film’s creator is suing the publishers for $100,000 (£64,000) and trying to stop publication. Lawyers are currently considering whether it is possible to copyright a creature from outer space and when exactly a blob becomes a Blob.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), at least in the US. After the New York court of appeal ruled that ISP Prodigy could not be expected to screen all communications passing through its systems, ISPs in the US are now effectively on the same footing as telephone companies as message carriers. By contrast, the recent Demon case in the UK ruled that ISPs are to be treated as publishers.

The Law Society, which thanks to the downfall of Kamlesh “Napoleon” Bahl, is set for another year under Robert Sayer. The current president is hoping to persuade Michael Napier to remain as vice-president, allowing Sayer another year at the helm. Sayer said he hoped to put an end to “political bickering” and that his decision was without “political ambition”.