It’s been a bad week for…

Geoffrey Boycott. The former England cricketer – and role model for The Firm’s marketing supremo Rodney Bickerthwaite – had his appeal against a conviction for punching his lover in the face thrown out of a French court. Boycott argued that Margaret Moore fell as she tried to throw his trousers from a hotel window. The famously forthright Boycott told the court that he tried to intervene because his trousers were the most “sensitive part of the male wardrobe”, to which the judge replied: “Indeed I can see that it is a very serious matter.”

Colin Campbell, barrister at 2 Paper Buildings, who has had £5,254 deducted from fees claimed after he was blamed for the postponement of a murder trial. The jury turned up for the trial in December last year but Campbell said he was “totally unable” to deal with complex mobile phone evidence. On a separate occasion, the trial was interrupted because Campbell absented himself to work on another case.

Fans of heavy metal band Metallica. The group (above) is trying to stop fans using the internet service Napster, that lists music stored on a user’s computer and makes it available for other online users to copy. Metallica hired a company that visited Napster and compiled a log of Napster users who have Metallica tracks available. The band wants to stop the 335,000 fans – identified by their online handles – from making the band’s tracks available to others.