Fine wines and classy dates, for young bucks

LAWYERS would most like to spend the night with one half of the UK's most glamorous couples, Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley and Will and Julia Carling.

For male lawyers the night would be accompanied by a bottle of “decent” burgundy and traditional English food. Women prefer nouvelle cuisine and champagne.

A survey on the lifestyle of the legal profession by legal recruitment specialists Richard Owen & Harper, also shows that female lawyers “dress to impress” in designer labels. Chanel, Versace and Jean-Paul Gaultier captured 84 per cent of the female vote. A conventional Saville Row suit was the top option for male lawyers.

More than 50 per cent regularly read The Times and The Lawyer. Favourite holiday destinations are the Caribbean and the Maldives, the most popular music is Mozart, Bach, Oasis and Blur and most watched TV programmes are the news and Have I Got News For You.