Under review

Over the last few weeks the Government has found itself out of favour with the public, thanks in part to MPs making some interesting expense claims.

In the last week it has also found itself out of favour with the law after two separate judgments – handed down in the High Court and the House of Lords – that will effectively force it to review policy.

On Friday Mr Justice Foskett granted 1,000 servicemen permission to pursue litigation against the Ministry of Defence after they argued that they suffered ill health as a result of nuclear testing carried out in the Pacific in the 1950s (see blog).

The MoD had attempted to wipe out the claims by arguing that they sat outside the terms of the Limitation Act (1980), which restricts the time in which claimants can pursue litigation.

And in a major victory for 20 Essex Street today, the Home Office will be forced to review its use of control orders against terror suspects after nine Law Lords unanimously agreed that suspects were entitled to see the evidence against them (see story).

That should provide a welcome distraction to lost elections and expenses claims.