Gloves off in Mears-Sayer war of words

Law Society vice-president Robert Sayer and former president Martin Mears have started a vicious public row over reforms to the Law Society.

Mears has written a graphic piece in this week's New Law Journal attacking the proposed reforms and Sayer's role in them and has written to Sayer personally saying: “You have for all practical purposes been absorbed into the Chancery Lane establishmentA your influence on events is virtually non-existent.”

He says the list of chairmen of the policy committee's various subcommittees – Lucy Winskell, Paul Pharaoh, Paul Venton, John Aucott and Tony Girling – indicates who is “running the showA They are using you, not vice versa”.

In response, Sayer wrote back saying: “I have to question your motiveA Is it good for thoseA who are desperate for reform or is it to pander to your own ego, your desperate need to be famous at any price?”

He claimed: “The reform process was damaged by your behaviour when president.”

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