Neither here nor there

Gerald Bland, the man behind Wragge & Co's attack on the London property market, has become the latest subject of a conspiracy theory. Last Friday Bland was attempting to complete his last big deal at Herbert Smith before moving to his new firm, 'Birmingham-based' Wragges. The parties were due to exchange late Friday afternoon and all was going well until Bland nipped back to his office to collect some papers. On his way back down in the lift it suddenly ground to a halt, leaving the unfortunate Bland trapped. The clients had to be informed and the deal was delayed.
Fortunately, the intrepid Bland could not be stopped and, despite the delay, the deal was completed, albeit a little later than planned, and our man can now move on to the London office of 'Birmingham-based' Wragges.
Rumoured sightings of Herbies senior partner Richard Bond loitering near the on/off switch for the lift could not be confirmed at the time of going to press.