Tribute paid to family court judge

Mrs Justice Bracewell, a senior family division high court judge, has died at the age of 72, after losing her battle with a long-term illness.

Bracewell J had dedicated more than half a century of her life to the Bar. She was called in 1955 and went on to take silk in 1978.

Subsequently, the dame was appointed a circuit judge on the Northern circuit in 1983. By 1990 she was elavated to the high court.

Sir Mark Potter, the president of the familiy division in a tribute to Bracewell J said that her wide circle of friends admired the stoicism with which she fought her illness in the last months of her life.

Potter said: “Joyanne Bracewell was the Senior High Court Judge of the Family Division, universally admired and respected for the quality of her decisions and the fairness, humanity and extreme care which she invariably displayed in reaching them.

“Those qualities will be sorely missed by her fellow judges, the advocates, and litigants who appeared before her and her wide circle of friends within the family justice system.”

In her private life, she married Roy Copeland in 1963, by whom she has one son and one daughter.