Monster party

As Tulkinghorn’s festive season hangover enters its second week, the small joys of tittle-tattle from the Christmas parties make the throbbing just that little bit easier to bear.

It’s reassuring for Tulkinghorn and his scribes to know they are not the only ones who faced the embarrassment of a red-faced return to the office following yet another failure to not overindulge in the free booze on offer.

From the shock tales of partners wearing jeans and no ties to the even more shocking stories of those who turned their BlackBerries off poured into Tulkinghorn Towers last week.

Tulkinghorn was especially heartened to hear the tales emerging from Pinsent Masons, where the Birmingham office partygoers showed their London counterparts the correct way to have a Christmas party.

Whereas the London office staff enjoyed a drink or two in the tasteful surroundings of the London Aquarium (no usual lawyers as sharks jokes), the Birmingham office opted for something altogether more traditional. A proper old-fashioned, full-scale, end-of-year booze blowout – in fancy dress.

By all accounts the highlight of the evening was a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, complete with costumes (although it’s unclear how much the makeup was part of the costume effect) performed by the corporate department.

Now that’s how to party.