Angel wings it and Becks’ pay packet soars

It’s always important to pick your moment. Leave while your name is still in lights, when you’re still vigorous enough to be a player. That way you can build a career elsewhere.

Tony Angel’s impending transfer out of Linklaters (see story) is going to generate plenty of speculation as to his successor. As The Lawyer first revealed early last year, the obvious favourites are capital markets head Nick Eastwell and banking head John Tucker, with golden child Simon Davies an outside bet. Angel will be a hard act to follow, though.

Meanwhile, talking of people still desperate to crack America, David Beckham turned to entertainment boutique Lee & Thompson for his LA Galaxy deal. After a run of celeb deals, Harbottles didn’t get a look-in. Maybe other Harbottles’ clients such as the Kates – Moss and Middleton – just don’t mix with Posh.