Legal Resource Group ponders over Brussels

A question mark hangs over the future of the Brussels office of the Legal Resources Group following the merger of Alsop Wilkinson with Dibb Lupton Broomhead.

Despite the merger, Alsops has asked to remain a member of the LRG, a group of five regional law firms that pool training, a legal research database and share the costs of a Brussels office.

But the merged firm, Dibb Lupton Alsop, would be the largest in the group, supplanting Pinsent Curtis. And Dibbs, although it is keen to pool training resources, is understood not to want to support a Brussels office. It already has EC law experts in its UK offices.

The LRG is funded by an annual contribution from each firm, worked out using a formula based on the firm's size and the number of its offices.

The LRG board, comprising the managing partners of Alsops, Pinsent Curtis, Osborne Clarke, Dickinson Dees and McGrigor Donald, met on Thursday September 19 without resolving the issue.

Graham Wright, chair of the LRG and managing partner of Dickinson Dees, said: “We had a good discussion about what was going on at Dibbs with the merger and we discussed the implications that this may have for the group. We are going through a process of consultation and will arrive at our views very shortly.

“The LRG has been extremely successful as a cooperative venture for the past seven years and it is one of the aims that it will continue to be so in all its services,” he added.