Tulkinghorn: Bowler drama

For those who may not know, Bowler Hat Day is a fundraising event first launched last year that encourages City folk to stick on a titfer in aid of the SOS Children’s ­Villages’ Haiti Appeal.
Judging by the ­enthusiasm shown by this bunch of high-flying lawyers to wearing a lid, it’s going to be a hoot.

The first event saw a packed Leadenhall Market play host to lawyers and other City denizens, all bowler-hatted.

This time around the event has mushroomed. Not only will London’s finest Victorian market be packed to the rafters once again with a bowler-hatted throng, entertained by new male-voice choir Eschoir, a jazz band and a modern dance troupe, nearby nightclub McQueen ­(formerly Tabernacle) is putting on a bowler hat party headlined by ­Basement Jaxx.

Naturally Tulkinghorn is delighted to see the return of the bowler, even for one day. And it seems the founder of Bowler Hat Day, Hunton & Williams associate Alex Meredith, is in agreement. He explained to ­Tulkinghorn last week where the idea had come from.

“As I work in the Gherkin I’m used to seeing lots of gentlemen dressing ’properly’,” explained Meredith. “But you never seem to see them wearing hats anymore.

“If you think about it, it’s a bit sad and odd, ­particularly as you lose so much heat through your head and many of them are a bit thin on top.”

A germ of an idea was born, and Meredith, who was already in contact with SOS, pitched the idea of Bowler Hat Day.

This week’s event is ­likely to be larger than last year’s, so buy a pin badge, stick on a bowler and get yourself down to the City this Thursday.

(Incidentally, the ­marvellous pictures you see here were taken for free by photographer Daniel Lewis.)

For more details, visit the event’s website at www.bowlerhatday.com.

Mock top

If you should find yourself

at a loose end, pop along to Outer Temple Chambers’ website. There you should find a lovely rock ’n’ roll ­picture of a smiling and ­hirsute clerk, Patrick Webber.

But you’d better hurry. According to another of the set’s clerks, Webber has had so much stick for the pic that he’s chopped off his locks and joined the corporate world.

“It all came off,” said the clerk. “He’s just deciding whether or not he might have a bullying claim.”
Tulkinghorn is sure that if this is the case, more than likely he could find a lawyer to represent him.

Old kid’s on the block

Ever feel like work is ­taking over your life?

Ben Holland, an energy disputes partner at Camerons, ­certainly does.

Holland is working flat out at the moment, but while his firm may feel flush thanks to all the hours he’s putting in, ­Holland himself is being driven round the U-bend.

The former Herbert Smith lawyer had the crowd enthralled at the Hot 100 party, bemoaning the fact that he’s had a blocked toilet in his house since November last year because he simply hasn’t had the time to fix it.

Luckily, super-busy ­Holland has an able and kind father. Holland ­Senior has offered to sort out the tricky issue while Junior is busy burning the midnight oil in the office.

Billion-dollar litigation cases might be meat and drink, but sometimes you still need a hand from your folks. Don’t you just love parents sometimes? Even if they do occasionally yank your chain.

The kecks factor

Tulkinghorn couldn’t resist sharing this picture of Mark Dawkins doing his best Simon Cowell ­impersonation for the firm’s recent ’Simmons & ­Simmons Has Talent!’ ­spectacular.

The winner of the event, which raised more than £3,000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, was Petra Braybrook, a secretary in the corporate group.

But Tulkinghorn thinks first prize should go to the firm’s managing partner for donning the high-waisted kecks and hairpiece. They suit him.