The law belongs to lawyers

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In last week's letters column Brian Marson urges us not to be frightened

of MDPs. They are "not some two headed monster", he assures us, in fact, he

argues, we should embrace them as a business opportunity.

Indeed they are a business opportunity. They are a chance for the already

powerful accountancy firms to further encroach on the legal world and legal


Law firms are specialists. Historically they have provided professional,

targeted and expert advice to clients who know and trust their status and

their position in the market.

The continuing attempts by the big accountancy firms to provide a

"complete service" is a clever marketing strategy. The enthusiasm on the

part of some lawyers for MDPs plays straight into their hands.

I for one want to see law firms deal with the law. Mr Marson may be right

when he says that "the banning of MDPs is certain to fail" but that doesn't

mean that lawyers should role over and play dead.

Kevin Westwood,