Former NUJ legal officer takes union to tribunal

The former legal officer for the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) is taking the union to an employment tribunal after it moved its out-of-house

legal work from Stephens Innocent to Thompsons.

Sally Gilbert, now a senior solicitor in Stephens Innocent's employment

department, is claiming unfair dismissal and breach of contract, saying her

role was greatly reduced.

She claims she was made redundant and is entitled to a redundancy package.

“I'm a litigation lawyer,” she says, “and the litigation work disappeared.

“The role is now little more than a glorified research assistant.”

“I have no wish to fall out with the NUJ. It is with reluctance that I

find myself in this position.”

John Foster, general secretary at the NUJ, says: “We are sorry that Sally

left the NUJ because we wanted her to stay on as legal officer.

“She has left us in the position where we need to fill a vacancy.

“As far as the NUJ is concerned the post is not redundant and we retain a

legal officer.

“Her employment tribunal action is misconceived and will be vigorously


Foster refused to give reasons for the move from Stephens Innocent to