Pray day

In this age of globalisation, lawyers are getting work in increasingly mysterious ways, though few are more mysterious than an English corporate lawyer getting a referral from a Brazilian priest.

After a recent family holiday in Brazil, Richards Butler corporate partner David Boutcher received a call from a potential client saying that he had been passed his card by a Brazilian priest. It seems the Godly one was recommending Boutcher’s legal skills. Not being a religious type, this surprised Boutcher. He certainly couldn’t recall meeting any priests on his South American adventure.

Those at Tulkinghorn Towers would never dare to cast aspersions upon on a fellow professional. However, Tulkinghorn has been made perhaps too aware of the power of the caipirinha, the local cachaça-based cocktail well known to one or two of his scribes. He could quite easily imagine one forgetting that a business card had been passed on.

Boutcher, though, is pleading innocence. He insists that it was a sober holiday with the wife and kids. We believe you David. We really do.