Getting a toe-in

Apparently, female lawyers across London have been flooding Jimmy Choo with applications to become the luxury shoemaker’s first ever in-house counsel. A number of The Lawyer’s own journalists have also considered blagging an application. Surely years of hands-on commercial experience with shoes would be more useful than any legal qualification? Said journalists would like to ask, somewhat prematurely, if the successful applicant would please, please, please let them come and interview you for The Lawyer’s Client File slot. Thanks in advance (size five).

Perhaps the chosen one might also consider changing Jimmy Choo’s policy on ‘deal toys’. This seems to involve giving its lawyers just one (always the left) of a pair of Jimmy Choos with details of the deal inscribed on the sole. Tales of female members of the team desperately trying to smuggle the matching right-footer out of Jimmy Choo stockists could not be confirmed at the time of going to press.