A tempting offer?

Talkback Productions is developing a series about temptation for BBC Television.

We wondered whether any lawyers would be kind enough to contact us by e-mail or by phone (on 0171 323 9777) if they have had any clients who have given in to the temptation of robbing a bank or stealing, say diamonds, and then were so overcome by guilt that they gave themselves up to the police. We would ask lawyers to pass on a letter to the person in question.

Emma Cahusac and

Claudia Josephs,

Talkback Productions

32 Percy Street,



E-mail: kao64@dial.pipex.com

In The Lawyer 24 June 1997 it was stated that Froriep Renggli has one UK-qualified lawyer in its London office; the firm's UK-qualified lawyer is based in its Geneva office.