Tulkinghorn: Spy-rise location

In the past, James Bond has taken on arch-­enemies Le Chiffre in a casino, Goldfinger in Fort Knox and Dr No in his underwater lair.


So it will be interesting to see who 007 will be pitted against if rumblings prove correct and Pinsent Masons’ trendy lodgings are used as a location in the super-spy’s next film outing. An irate property lawyer who thinks the world is not enough, perhaps? An overworked department head with a view to a bill? Who knows, but Pinsents does have a big, shiny building that is developing something of a profile in the media world. It was recently used as a location for British TV spy show Spooks.

But it seems Lord Sugar was less impressed, as the building was rejected as a location for The Apprentice.
Can’t win ’em all, eh?

To the spanner born

Gun-toting scourge of the pigeon population and, in his spare time, former ­Norton Rose partner David Burnand likes Aston Martins – but not in the way most City lawyers do.

In response to a question about his plans for retirement pastimes, Burnand tells his ex-firm’s in-house magazine that he’d like to work at his local Aston Martin garage.

“If they would give me a job, ­perhaps three days a week, I could learn how these things work,” says ­Burnand. “They don’t have to pay me. I’d stand by one of the mechanics and give him the spanner.”

Admittedly, Burnand does also own one (an Aston Martin – not a ­spanner), which he bought for himself as a ­retirement present.

For someone once dubbed by former Lazards vice chairman John Nelson as “the most dangerous lawyer in the City” it remains to be seen just how perilous his new career as a car mechanic turns out to be.

Foam truths

Berwin Leighton Paisner litigation partner Graham Shear has had to get close to the phone-hacking ­scandal in a professional capacity.

Shear is advising a number of clients who fear they have been victims of the buggers, including actor Jude Law and footballer Ashley Cole, and is himself a potential a victim of the dastardly hackers.

But Shear got a little too close for comfort to the goings-on at the recent Parliamentary Select ­Committee hearing, when he became what can only be classified as collateral damage in ’comedian’ Jonnie Marbles’ foam-based strike on News Corp head honcho Rupert Murdoch, soaking up some of the random foam splatter.

Still, it could have been a lot worse. He could have been on the the wrong end of feisty Wendi Deng Murdoch’s retaliatory slap.

Morning star

Last month Trowers & Hamlins revealed it was preparing to move to a new domicile on Bunhill Row.

At its current home the public sector and projects leviathan – despite posting an unhealthy 20 per cent drop in average profit for 2010-11 – happily stumps up the cost of a suitably healthy breakfast for any lawyers and staffers who make it to Tower
Hill by 8am.

Tulkinghorn sincerely hopes the firm does not call a halt to this noble ­gesture just because it’s going up in the world
(well, at least next door to Slaughters).