Lawyers get box clever

Mrs Tulkinghorn loves a good reality TV show. Tulkinghorn himself does not.

Knowing that her husband finds such programmes utterly tedious, Mrs Tulkinghorn was delighted to stumble across a show that had a little bit of something for both.

NBC has launched its latest offering, which follows the format of the much-loved programme The Apprentice, called The Law Firm.

The show pits 12 hungry associates against each other, with Roy Black – famous for winning an acquittal for William Kennedy Smith in his 1991 rape case and who according to the blurb is one of the US’s best-known trial lawyers – assigning them real cases every week to prove their courtroom abilities. The one who lasts the course will take home a whopping $250,000 (£142,000) – enough to make even the best-paid junior US associate sit up and take notice.

Two perceived weak links were weeded out in the first show, with one chap making the unfortunate mistake of seeking to have a witness statement beneficial to his side’s argument excluded.

It might be more real than the maverick Judge John Deed, and it’s certainly preferable to watching those miserable bores on Big Brother, but Tulkinghorn would still take a spot of Rumpole any day of the week.