First name same game

Is there something Tulkinghorn should know about the selection criteria for heads of chambers?

A trend, which may have far-reaching implications for ambitious but unusually monickered barristers, has begun to emerge that can simply no longer be ignored.

The evidence: Brick Court, Jonathan Sumption QC/Jonathan Hirst QC; Fountain Court, Michael Lerego QC/Michael Brindle QC; 39 Essex St, Richard Davies QC/Richard Wilmot-Smith QC; 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square, Anthony Porten QC/Anthony Scrivener QC.

The more perspicacious readers will have noticed almost immediately the common thread linking these august bodies. Barristers named Tarquin, Cuthbert or Algenon with eyes on the top jobs, beware: you may wish to rethink your career prospects. Or change your name.