Water and May

Slaughter and May has just moved to swanky new premises in Bunhill Row, which are all terribly modern and designed. The reception area is enhanced by a rather attractive water feature of a shallow pool, which is level with the rest of the floor.
Presumably, the architect managed to convince Slaughters that this was terribly fashionable at the moment, but the feature has its drawbacks.
Unfortunately, because the floor is made from polished tiles, it has proved quite difficult for some to tell the difference between the solid floor and the ankle-deep pool.
Unless, of course, Slaughters partners are trying to prove that they can now walk on water.
Anyway, after a good few partners and clients went paddling accidentally, the firm decided that it had to do something. So it has now placed a security guard (or should that be lifeguard) next to the pool to warn people that their next step might be a little surprising.
Tulkinghorn would like to suggest placing gnomes around the edge instead.