McNeives buddys up with Friends Reunited

Specialist media firm McNeive Solicitors has been appointed as sole adviser to Friends Reunited, the website that allows people to get in touch with old school friends

McNeives is advising on all aspects of the website, including defamation issues and commercial contracts.
Partner Liam McNeive, an alumnus of Stonyhurst College in Clitheroe whose own entry reads 'Doing media, communications and technology law in London. Wife, two kids, nice suburban dwelling' said: “Friends Reunited is the only internet client to have at the moment. It's so successful, and the £5 fee you have to pay to email other people on the site, as well as the advertising revenue, means it's viable as a business.”
Friends Reunited began life as a forum for users to tell their school friends what they are doing now, but it has since created sections for people to discuss their former teachers.
A teacher is currently suing a former pupil for writing on the site that he had been sacked for making “rude remarks about girls”. Friends Reunited itself is not a party in this action, but McNeive is advising the site on its liability in such cases.
Prominent lawyers who appear on the Friends Reunited site include Halliwell Landau senior partner Alec Craig and Olswang chief executive Jonathan Goldstein.