Football League holds fire on suing ITV Digital owners

Despite threatening to sue ITV Digital owners Granada and Carlton for failing to deliver on a £315m rights deal, the Football League has not yet instructed its lawyers

The league has been highly vocal on its plans to sue Granada and Carlton for £500m, including damages and costs, if the TV companies fail to pay the outstanding £178.5m it is owed on the three-year deal.
A league spokesperson said: “We haven't looked at instructing lawyers yet. That is not our concern at the moment.”
The league has one in-house lawyer, but the spokesperson stressed that litigation proceedings were not being prepared in-house.
“Our lawyers are Hammond Suddards Edge. If we use any lawyers we will use them, but we haven't looked at that yet,” the spokesperson added.
One prominent sports lawyer said: “This is not the order you usually do things in. Most organisations like the Football League considering proceedings will first seek legal advice on whether they have a case.”
A spokesperson for Lord Grabiner QC, who is currently advising ITV Digital's directors, said: “There have been no approaches as yet. There is no counsel as yet. I would have thought that the ink would be drying on the writ by now.”