Deloittes courts Garrigues as part of Andersen link

Garrigues, the Andersen Legal Spanish firm that cut its ties with the accountant last week, has been asked to join the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu network

Andersen's Spanish auditing arm is already signed up to a merger with Deloittes, which is now holding out for Garrigues to come in as part of the deal.
“Deloittes has made us an offer, and we're listening,” said Garrigues partner Fernando Mantilla-Serrano. However, Garrigues has not begun formal talks with Deloittes because it does not want to rule out other suitors just yet.
“For the time being we're thinking about it, but no formal deal's been struck,” said Mantilla-Serrano. “We've been approached by other people, and we haven't said no to them yet.”
He said he was unable to disclose which other firms have approached Garrigues. “We'd fit well with another accountant, a UK firm or a US firm, because of the international nature of our business,” is all he would reveal.
Garrigues has now cut future ties with the remaining Andersen Legal firms. Of the major members, the Australian, Hong Kong, Russian and Scottish firms have left, while Asia, France, Germany and the UK remain as part of the network.
“Any work we started with other firms in the Andersen network will be finished. We have to think about the clients,” said Mantilla-Serrano. “We can't benefit from a referral relationship with Andersen Legal firms in the future because we're now out of the network.”