City firms split on Queen Mother's silence

The legal world will be brought to a halt at 11.30am on Tuesday 9 April

A two-minute silence will be held in the City to coincide with the start of the funeral service as firms pay homage to the Queen Mother.
Last week the London Stock Exchange announced its intention of marking the occasion by observing a two-minute silence. A straw poll of the country's top 10 law firms showed that they would follow suit.
All except those Bolsheviks at Clifford Chance. A spo-kesman for the nation's largest firm only said: “It's under consideration at the moment.”
The firms questioned said they would stop work for two minutes as a mark of respect and Linklaters will allow staff to watch the funeral on TV.
Slaughter and May partner Nigel Boardman said: “Our normal style would be to let those who wish to do so, but we wouldn't impose a rule.” Freshfields has a similar policy, with the two-minute silence being announced on the firm's tannoy system.