Law firms join Lawyers for Young People access to justice scheme

A group of law firms has signed up to a new service aimed at giving young ­people access to legal advice.

The pilot scheme is being run by the Children’s ­Society in Lambeth, Camden and Colchester, with a nationwide rollout planned for next year.

The scheme enables ­children to call or email the Lawyers For Young People service and receive initial advice, or if appropriate be referred to a lawyer from an established network of firms.

The law firms taking part in the pilot are Fisher Meredith, Bindmans, ­Fisher Jones Greenwood and legal aid specialist Scott-­Moncrieff Harbour & ­Sinclair.

Liz Fisher-Frank, ­principal solicitor at Lawyers For Young People, said: “I believe that many young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are unable
to access the legal ­representation that they desperately need.

“The pilot phase will give the unique opportunity to young people in these three areas to access high-quality legal advice, while also ­helping us establish the long-term viability of the project.”