Credit Crunchie

Clifford Chance has hardly been alone in feeling a little starved of big deals recently.

The dearth of big-ticket deals has left most corporate groups feeling, how shall we say, a little peckish.

Now though it looks as though Clifford Chance’s hunger pangs at least could be satisfied by a mega influx of chocolate. The firm is advising US giant Kraft Foods on its attempt to snaffle UK confectionery business Cadbury in what would be a £10.2bn ($16.7bn) deal (see story).

If the magic circle firm does get an outsize box of Dairy Milk delivered as a deals thank you then New York partner Sarah Jones should be first in line for the sugar rush.

Jones is the Kraft relationship partner who relocated from London three years ago to be closer to her key client. Almost immediately she led the firm advising Kraft on its $7.2bn (£3.68bn) acquisition of Danone’s biscuit business, the company’s first acquisition since it spun off from parent company Altria.

It’s a strategic decision that underlines Jones’ credentials and – Wispa it on Wall St – proves there’s nothing Flakey about Clifford Chance’s New York M&A credentials.


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