'DJ? I thought it meant dinner jacket'

What is the world coming to? John Major has been having it away with Edwina Currie; Lord Archer has been partying while he should have been on home leave; and possibly most shocking of all, the partners at Slaughter and May have been shaking their booties to the sounds of a 'hip 'n' happenin' DJ. In what can only be described as an attempt to 'get down with the kids', Slaughters employed the services of a DJ at its recent client party. The purveyor of 'trendy and modern' music was even given his own little box, which was set up especially in a section of the firm's canteen where speciality coffee (and possibly local 'tea') are usually served. It's not clear exactly what music was being spun on the 'wheels of steel', but Tulkinghorn is sure that all the Slaughters lawyers had fun body-popping and trying out their new robotics moves.