Dentons drops a clanger

As Tulkinghorn wandered among the trophies on display at Denton Wilde Sapte's press party, Tulkinghorn pondered the significance of the suit of armour that dominated the room.
Standing among various goodies, such as hookahs and bongos, that the firm looked to have plundered from its travels in Africa and other far-flung parts of the globe, the suit of armour baffled Tulkinghorn, and he asked many as to its meaning. Neither did the Moulin Rouge-style décor give any hints as to why this medieval suit was guarding the room.
As Tulkinghorn was about to stagger off into the night, one partner piped up that the suit of armour “signified Denton Wilde Sapte as the protectors of society”. And, as partner Nick Highham says in his website biography, it's a society that Dentons and its clients believe they can change forever.