A steak close to our hearts

Tulkinghorn is still recovering from the Taylor Root Law Society Sevens tournament (supported by The Lawyer, naturally). After a day of often heated competition (which Tulkinghorn observed from the comfortable – and safe – surroundings of the hospitality tent), those healthy types at Freshfields emerged triumphant with a tight 7-5 victory over Ashursts. Congratulations, though, to the gentlemen of Ashursts who didn't go away empty handed, winning the new The Lawyer Cup, awarded for fair play – largely for their conduct over an alleged punching incident which Ashursts asked the ref to ignore in order to keep the opposing team with seven players on the pitch. The opposing team shall remain nameless, for now. Mentions too for the winners of the also-rans cup, Baker & McKenzie, and the also-also rans cup, won by Taylor Wessing.
It is with a heavy heart that Tulkinghorn announces that the UK's top restaurant chain, the Aberdeen Steak House Group, has fallen into administration. After being hit by a series of disasters, including the Foot-and-Mouth crisis, the BSE crisis and the crisis of falling tourist numbers after 11 September, the purveyor of London's finest black forest gateau has run into financial crisis.
Tulkinghorn knows that lawyers like to pretend to enjoy plush meals at Square Mile eateries, but a number of partners have confessed that they don't know how they'll cope with the absence of a hearty steak and a goblet of Blue Nun. So Tulkinghorn would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of The Lawyer's cultured readership, to salute the Aberdeen Steak House for its many years of good food and fine service. Serving fruit juice as a starter will never be the same again.