Web site opens door to user feedback with personalised forms

Media law firm The Simkins Partnership has set up a web site with what are believed to be the first personalised partner feedback forms.

The forms lets users contact partners personally by e-mail, allowing them to ask specialist partners for more detailed information about topics of interest. The site includes a 'Hot News' page detailing forthcoming legislation and topical legal issues, and a features section.

Laurie Kaye, head of new media, developed the site. He said: "Our Hot News will provide an informative and useful bookmark for people wishing to keep watch on topical legal issues." The site can be found at www.simkins.com.

There are now 100 law firms with pages on the net, according to IT consultant Delia Venables. She maintains a list of firms on the Internet which can be found at www.venables. co.uk/legal/ firms.htm.

"The number of firms with their own pages is doubling every six months," she said.

"With legal information of all sorts starting to become available on the Internet, many firms are dipping a toe in the water in order not to be left behind."